Bodyguard UK Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

SunTek, the manufacturer of the SunTek Paint Protection Film (PPF) guarantees the product for 5 years of ownership of the vehicle against yellowing, peeling, bubbling and cracking. This is dependent on full notice being taken of the aftercare instructions as laid out on the provided warranty card after the installation. This guarantee is not transferable.

Bodyguard UK, states to any purchaser of the SunTek Paint Protection Film (PPF), that when such product is properly applied by our certified professional installers to the vehicle manufacturer’s applied paint finish, it will prevent minor road debris from damaging any such protected area that was completely covered by our installers, and when driven under normal driving conditions*

Bodyguard UK cannot guarantee any PPF to eliminate stone chips, but state that the PPF is there to reduce the damage and impact caused by such road debris.

Bodyguard UK cannot be held responsible where impact damage causes the vehicles sheet-metal beneath the ppf, to bend, crater or dent. Furthermore, where it causes the vehicles composite body material, carbon-fibre, fibreglass or plastic to dent, crater, crack or flake.

Bodyguard UK may, at our discretion replace the PPF where we consider that the product has failed to meet the manufacturer’s quality expectations.

The film is fully resilient to industry standard automotive aftercare products, but specialised products such as abrasive products, scratch removers, chemical cleaners, engine compartment de-greasers etc may harm the surface of the film.

Bodyguard UK cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to any unprotected part or portion of the vehicle’s vulnerable painted surface. This also includes intentional impacts, impacts from objects other than minor road debris, abuse, vandalism, misuse, fire, collisions, accidents, acts of God, defect(s) in the manufacturers paint finish or damage to the product from harsh, abrasive or corrosive chemicals.

Bodyguard UK cannot be held responsible for any damage to the PPF where the vehicle has been used for any track day, speed trial, amateur, semi-professional and professional racing events, as well as professional vehicular exercises including, but not limited to stunt driving, driving skill demonstrations and driver training (either performance or non-performance).

*Normal driving conditions are defined as ‘driving within the country legal constraints in which the product has been sold, and the recommended safe driving distances at the various speeds as described in the driver training manual or Highway Code.


The PPF should not harm the manufacturer’s factory applied paint finish when correctly removed by our certified installers. However chip repair, smart repair and vehicles with partial and/or entire re-spray paint finishes may detach even when the film is correctly removed. Therefore Bodyguard UK cannot be held responsible for any damage caused under these circumstances.

SunTek guarantees to minimise the damage caused by stone chips and minor abrasions. SunTek warranty does not offer any replacement / rectification from penetration. 

Bodyguard UK Aftercare Instructions
Thank you for purchasing the SunTek Paint Protection Film. We would like to bring to your attention some aftercare instructions as also stated on the SunTek warranty form.
1. Do not wash your car for at least 3 days after installation, which will allow for the film to cure to the paintwork of your vehicle, otherwise edge lift may occur which may not be repairable.

2. Slight milkiness, patchiness, silvering or bubbles may occur or appear after installation. This is nothing to be concerned about, as this is usually due to moisture dissipating from underneath the film from application. This can in some cases take up to 30 days to disappear, which is why this is clearly stated on the warranty form.

3. Once the initial waiting period is over, you can and should clean the film on a regular basis with a regular car shampoo and then wax the film with a good quality automotive wax also on a regular basis. (Bodyguard UK recommend certain waxes or cleaners to use for the film, and can advise if required).

4. If using a jet wash, you should not use the appliance at less than 3 feet from your vehicle, as this may cause damage to paintwork.

5. It is advisable to remove any bird droppings from the film as quickly as possible, as the acid content of the droppings may have a detrimental effect on the film over time.

6. Do not use abrasive chemicals or paint restoration products on the film as this may damage the clear coating of the film.
Please see the SunTek warranty for full details on the ‘5 Year’ warranty.

Bodyguard UK Terms of business

As much notice as possible is normally required for booking vehicles in order to avoid disappointment. However please call as soon as possible to arrange an installation date.

For most installations we require only a minimum deposit of £100 in order to hold the booking date. This deposit is non-refundable at the discretion of Bodyguard UK and will be deducted from the final invoice price once the installation has been completed.

Re-sprayed Vehicles
Although every care will be taken when working on a resprayed vehicle, because we are not in control in any way of the nature and quality of the respray, we cannot accept any liability for the impact on the respray in any way. We do provide a body shop advisory document which if issued to a body shop prior to respray and complied with will to all practical purposes eliminate risk. However no one can ever fully warranty this situation therefore we cannot accept any liability on this issue whatsoever.

Environmental Issues & Quality Commitment
We are totally committed to the quality of our installations on our customers cars. However, there are certain decisions exercised by the client which WILL have an impact on the quality of delivery (no matter how minor). We strongly recommend that work (especially FULL frontal kits) are done at our facilities. We do accept that occasionally clients will require the installation to be done at a location of their choice. Where this occurs, as we have no control over that environment it is necessary that clients understand that no matter how qualified our installers are, some minor defect(s) may occur as a consequence of undertaking the work in an uncontrolled facility. We can therefore not be held responsible for defects of an environmental nature under these circumstances (this does not extend to a known installer error). Please bear in mind we are dealing with very large sections of statically charged adhesive transparent film.

Preperation and Cleanliness
We ask that clients deliver their vehicle to us in as clean a manner as possible where the work is being undertaken at our facilities. We have the means to further clean the car to ensure that the dirt from the travel to us is completely removed and the car is in a suitable condition for the installation to proceed. At a remote location it is unlikely that we will have such facilities (or that as a commercial organisation environmental concerns regarding correct disposal of residues can not be complied with) in this eventuality it is WHOLLY the clients responsibility to ensure the car is to an acceptable standard of cleanliness for film to be installed. We cannot be held (and will not accept being) liable for the standard of cleanliness of the vehicle in a remote installation environment.

Title and ownership
Title and ownership of the ppf remains with Bodyguard UK until such time as our invoices have been paid in full. Bodyguard UK also have the right to remove any such film from the vehicle that has not been paid for in full.

Bodyguard UK Bodyshop Repaint Requirements
The following items are suggested to be undertaken by a bodyshop when re-painting the vehicle to minimise the risk of paint lift/removal during the installation or removal of the paint protection film.
1. Should use a two-pack clear coat paint.
2. Paint should be oven baked to ensure that the paint is as hard as possible prior to the installation of the PPF.
3. The paint should be fully primed and keyed properly in order to eliminate the potential risk of paint ‘lift’ should the film need to be removed at some future date. Whilst we cannot exclude this in its entirety, we know that where this is correctly done, the risk of this occurrence is as close to zero as to be statistically possible.
4. A suggested period of 7 days should elapse between any paintwork and the installation of any PPF. Consultation and advice should also be sought from the person carrying out the repair work.