Paint Protection Film

Bodyguard UK has over 13yrs experience of supplying and installing Paint Protection Film (PPF) to a variety of vehicles including cars, motorbikes, pedal cycles, boats, F1 cars and everything in between. We are one of the Midlands leading installers and suppliers of PPF, and offer a service comparable with, if not better than anywhere else in the UK.

PPF has changed dramatically over the last few years and we are constantly looking to keep up with the advancements in the industry and offer our customers both new and old the service and product that they are looking for at a cost to suit any budget.

By having our PPF applied to your vehicle, it will help to reduce the maintenance needed to keep your vehicle looking the way you want it, whilst helping to ensure it’s future value and negate the need for costly paint or surface repairs when you come to sell or return your vehicle. Paint protection Film is designed to dramatically reduce the damage caused to your vehicles paintwork from minor abrasions, stone damage and other environmental issues that could otherwise spoil the appearance of your vehicle.

We currently supply Paint Protection Film solutions to the press and performance fleets of global manufactures as well as car dealerships and car clubs nationwide. Our repeat customers come from all walks of life and cover vehicles from small hatchbacks right up to the latest supercars.

Coupled with our in-house detailing service, Bodyguard UK is able to offer the complete service for both enhancing, maintaining and protecting the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

Bodyguard UK has good relationships with all of the major Paint Protection Film manufacturers, and is constantly reviewing its products and procedures to offer the best Paint Protection products and experience to our customers both new and old, which in turn means we are not tied to using one particular brand of film. This enables us to use the best film for the particular needs of your vehicle and the journeys on which you’ll take it. It also allows us to take advantage of new developments in Paint Protection Film as soon as they hit the market, such as ‘self-healing’ properties, hydrophobic top coats and even extended warranties.

Bodyguard UK work with various design houses and manufacturers to access vehicle specific patterns and templates, which enables us to install vehicle specific Paint Protection kits to an extensive range of vehicles. We can also design our own vehicle templates using state of the art design software, which can allow for one-off projects as well as multi application templates.

Vehicle Detailing

Bodyguard UK also offers the ultimate car Detailing and Valeting solutions for your vehicle whatever its condition, restoring your vehicle to best possible condition as possible within specified budgets and requirements.

Bodyguard UK offers a full range of services for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, whether you are after a luxury wash, decontamination and/or protection using high quality waxes/sealants or even ceramic coatings, to full paint correction via machine polishing to remove all surface defects restoring the clarity and gloss once enjoyed.

As every vehicle is in a different condition we offer various options of service from maintenance washes through to fully comprehensive, tailor-made detailing packages, just for your vehicle and budget.

We offer some of the best products on the market and are professionally skilled and trained in the best-proven techniques to bring your vehicle to a better than showroom finish.

Our detailing services are offered alongside our PPF installations to offer a one-stop solution. This way your vehicle can be fully prepared, enhanced and totally protected to maintain that showroom shine and finish for as long as possible.

Bodyguard UK’s detailing services are provided in-house, by Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) approved technicians.